Separating a stack of Picnic-Hero plate holders:

For easiest separation, remove each plate holder one by one from the top down. Place the stack on a flat surface and use one hand to gently lift and peel the top plate holder away from you while using your other hand to hold down the remaining plate holder(s). 

Inserting disposable plates into Picnic-Hero:

Picnic-Hero has three tabs that hold a disposable plate in place. Insert a disposable plate under two of the three tabs on the plate holder. Secure the plate under the third tab by pinching the edge of the disposable plate and gently guiding the edge under the tab.

Securing Picnic-Hero to a table, with or without food on the plate:

Put Picnic-Hero on the table in the desired spot, with the butler button dangling over the edge of the table. Guide the butler button under the table until it lines up with the center of the Picnic-Hero plate holder. The butler button will automatically engage the plate holder.

Cleaning and caring for Picnic-Hero:

The Picnic-Hero plate holder is dishwasher safe. Remove the leash and attached butler button before inserting the plate holder into the dishwasher. The butler button and leash can be gently washed by hand and air dried.

Removing Picnic-Hero from a table:

Hold the Picnic-Hero plate holder firmly with two hands and gently pull upward. This will release the magnetic pull and cause the butler button to disengage (the leash will prevent the butler button from falling to the ground). Re-engage the butler button to the holder.

Carrying Picnic-Hero:

Hold the Picnic-Hero plate holder with one hand. With the palm if your opposite hand facing upward, slide it under the Picnic-Hero plate holder so that the butler button is comfortable positioned between two fingers. 

CAUTION: Strong magnets are used in this product. Not to be used by people with pacemakers or any other medical condition that could be adversely affected by magnets.