One day in late April, my daughter and son-in-law came in from out of town to help celebrate my wife’s birthday. We agreed it would be a great idea spend the afternoon at our favorite local winery. Sitting outside on a sunlit patio in late April, sipping great wine, and enjoying our favorite “wine pairing” foods seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate and welcome Spring after another tough New Jersey winter.

Everything was set: we had baskets of food, paper plates, utensils, etc. What we didn’t count on once we got settled at our table with a couple bottles of wine was that Mother Nature decided that it would be a great time to kick up her heels and throw a steady, stiff breeze our way. 

I’m willing to bet that most people have experienced eating outside using paper plates on a windy day! The combination of wind and blowing or overturned paper plates doesn’t exactly create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. As I struggled to keep my plate on the table, even with the cheese and crackers piled high, I thought that surely there must be a solution to this problem!

Having retired just 4 months earlier from a corporate career where I made a good living finding creative solutions to challenges, I had some time on my hands to investigate. I started researching on the internet and merely found suggestions for using rocks or lemons for paperweights—or flimsy, plastic paper plate frames that provided structure but no staying power against the wind. Since I couldn’t find an existing solution, I started to tinker. After several iterations, and with the help of a great designer, Picnic Hero was born!

Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA, I’m confident in saying Picnic Hero will “save the day” when the wind blows a big hole in your outdoor dining or party plans!

Now if only I could find a way to keep the bugs at bay!