What types of tables can the Picnic Hero be used on?

Picnic Hero is suitable for use on glass, plastic, ceramic tile, and metal tabletops.

Super Picnic Hero is suitable for use on tabletops that are 1 ¼” or less in thickness. This includes tabletops made of wood, plastic, glass, ceramic tile, granite, stone, or metal. 

How much wind can the Picnic Hero resist?

Depending on the tabletop material, Picnic Hero has proven to hold fast at wind speeds up to 25 mph while the Super Picnic Hero holds at wind speeds over 35 mph (but we’ll go out on a limb and say that a picnic in winds over 20 mph is generally a bad idea). ;)

What size plates can the Picnic Hero accommodate?

Picnic Hero can accommodate paper and other disposable plates in diameters from 8-5/8” to 9-1/4” 

Do I have to use the butler button?

The butler button is detachable but essential for the convenience of carrying the Picnic Hero loaded with food one-handed, as well as for securing Picnic Hero to most tabletops. However, you may choose to use the Picnic Hero base independently on metal tabletops and it will still retain its resistance to wind.

Do I have to use the attached leash?

No, you do not. While the leash is designed to keep the butler button from falling to the ground when lifting the Picnic Hero off the tabletop, if for any reason you prefer to use the Picnic Hero and its butler button without the leash, simply pull the leash tight at the the base of the butler button and snip it off. The metal barb will remain secure within the butler button. 

Be advised, however, that you won't be able to reattach the leash once removed and you should take care to grasp the butler button from underneath the table before lifting Picnic Hero from the tabletop. 

What type of utensils can be used with Picnic Hero?

Picnic Hero is designed for use with all non-metallic utensils.

Can Picnic Hero be put in the dishwasher?

Yes, the Picnic Hero base is dishwasher safe. However, you must remove the butler button and it's attached leash. The Butler Button should be hand washed to avoid having the leash getting caught or tangled in the moving parts of the dishwasher.

Is Picnic Hero microwave-safe? Oven-safe?

Due to the metallic components used in Picnic Hero, it is NOT suitable for use in a microwave oven or any other type of oven.

Is Picnic Hero reusable?

Yes, it is reusable and is BPA-free!

Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

Please refer to the list of Cautions found in Picnic Hero’s original packaging.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, you can order additional butler buttons with or without a leash. Simply send an email to and tell us what you need!

Is Picnic Hero sold in stores?

At this time, Picnic Hero is only available at and select local events in Middle Tennessee. Super Picnic Hero is available on the Picnic-Hero website and on

If ordered through, local pickup in a 10 mile radius of 37066 can be arranged. Just shoot us an email!

Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting Picnic Hero:

Picnic Hero is simple and easy to use. However, should you find the leash randomly detaching from the Picnic Hero base as you familiarize yourself with it, be assured that the barb of the leash will sit tightly and securely in the barb well when there a is paper plate in the unit. You can always make a small knot in the elastic just below the barb if you want extra security.

Picnic Hero, when fastened to the tabletop, keeps your tablecloths in place as well!

When removing Picnic Hero from its packaging, or when unstacking them for use, always pull off the top unit first and work your way down the stack (do not unstack from the bottom up). This will keep the magnet wells intact.

Need to refill your plate? To remove your secured Picnic Hero base from the tabletop, lift it up and let the butler button disengage and drop below the table. Don’t worry, it’s attached and won’t hit the ground!

To engage the butler button hands-free, simply hover the Picnic Hero base a couple of inches over the button as it rests on the tabletop. Voilà! The butler button will find and snap to the base, leaving you primed for convenient, one-handed carrying!

Our best tip for windy day gatherings? KEEP CALM AND PICNIC HERO™ ON! :)

 Please see our Usage Instructions for additional information.